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Attention all gourd lovers!
Betty Finch will be exhibiting at the International Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds from September 10 to 12. CLICK HERE FOR MAP





BOOK IS SOLD OUT Mr. Zhang Cairi's Molded Gourds is now available.  This one of a kind book contains information on mold making including one-piece seamless gourd molds.  Learn how to grow gourd in molds.  What works and what does not. Discover how the Chinese obtain the rich red finish to their molded gourds.  The book includes a full color gallery of Mr. Zhang Cairi's magnificent molded gourds.  Only $21.95 plus shipping and handling.  A great Christmas gift for gourd lovers.  If you  have questions or comments - click here

Review from Leigh Adams, past president of the California Gourd Society:


"This is a book that no gourd lover will want to miss!  Read and learn as Betty Finch and Guojun detail the processes developed by our gourd manipulating hero, Mr. Zhang Cairi of Thiamin , China , to shape, train and transform gourds.  Those of us who grow gourds and fancy playing around with the existing form would do well to study the information in this book and avoid wasting years of time.  Mr. Zhang has dedicated many years developing the techniques necessary to turn the common gourd into a highly decorative and functional piece of art.  His years of searching through libraries to find even the smallest bit of information, teasing out clues and experimenting endlessly has restored (perhaps surpassed) the art of molding gourds to the heights it reached in the Ming Dynasty.   It is through emulating the work of masters that we can contribute to the continued development of this folk art.  Read, enjoy and experiment!"  --- Leigh Adams, past president of the California Gourd Society
When they are gone they are gone. And they are gone!